BankFind Suite: API for Data Miners & Developers


FDIC’s application programming interface (API) lets developers access FDIC’s publically available bank data. This portal provides a complete API solution for building applications using this data. Everything you need to integrate with this API is available below. More data will be added to the portal on an ongoing basis.


This API is open to the public and does not currently require any authentication or API keys to access. The FDIC is collaborating with on the issuance and management of an API key. More information will be provided on how to obtain an API key in the near future.


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Bulk Files

The following documentation describes performing queries on datasets. If you would prefer a bulk download of all records, downloadable bulk files are available here:

API Documentation

See interactive documentation available below to provide an overview of the API.

Filter Syntax

The API uses the Elastic Search query string syntax for filtering. Some notes on the filter syntax include:

Output Formats

Data output is available as JSON or CSV. The format is controlled by the Accept header. See the Responses section in the interactive documentation below for examples.

API Endpoints